WildTale Online is the Top MMO RPG server of Hytale

Venture across our vast custom world and slay hordes of evil monsters and players.
Join a Guild or Create One
Become the adventurer you always wanted to be!
We want to make the best Hytale MMO RPG server, and we are ready to listen to the community to create your dream server.

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WildTale Online PvP image

PvP/PvE - Fight For Your Life

Challenge yourself and fight the greatest player in the Open World of WildTale. Gear up and fight with your Guild! Only the most skilful fighters will leave the field victorious!

WildTale Online Player Housing

Player Housing / Player Shop

Always good to rest at home after adventures! Build your own house in one of the city in the open world of Wildtale. Decorate your houses in to your own style! Sell your items or materials in your own shop in the city!

WildTale Online open world

Open World Questing/Dungeons/Raids

Explore the huge open world of WildTale

Find teammates to discover the mysterious Cave of WildTale

Protect the people of the land

More About WildTale

A small taste of the fun that awaits.

  • Economy

    Farm materials, weapons, armor or ressources and sell them in your personal Shop in one of the city of WildTale

  • Custom Terrain

    WildTale's world was designed from scratch for the server. Explore the immense world of wondeful creatures and foes

  • Cool Community

    Make new friends as you join a guild and team up with truces and allies, Join our Discord and talk with the comunity and staff.

  • Raid

    Team up with a lot of people to slay hardcore mobs

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